Mantra Yoga Meditation is a very simple technique. The mantra is a sound with a very positive vibration. It is a nucleus of vibrations, of subtle energy capable of transforming the environment and the individual with its magnetic waves. Yoga Mantra Meditation is the technique, and it may be defined as the process by which our mind begins to experience the deepest levels of consciousness. There are no words in the human language capable of describing the beauty of meditation. It is a flower of serenity which floats above a world of Illusion. The quality of an object is not in its appearances, in its packaging, nor in the promotion done for a product. The quality is always found within. Words provide us with ideas, not with experience. In order to have direct experience, you must be Initiated into Mantra Yoga Meditation.
Initiation is the moment awaited by the Soul. The most sublime instant. The decisive step on the path of a student is the moment when the Teacher takes his hand with an open heart, and takes us into the presence of the Supreme (Being), using the beautiful technique of Mantra Meditation. When a person decides to be initiated, the Teacher will initiate him. All the student has to do after being Initiated is to go inside himself each day, in search of himself. Practicing Mantra Yoga Meditation is an extraordinary spiritual experience. One only needs to sit in silence twice each day, in contact with his or her own Being. And in this way, sharpening the Instrument of his mind, he will resonate with the imperceptible chant of Nature, and he will drink from the Sacred Nectar of the expansion of Consciousness. Once the student puts himself in contact with the Mantra, there is an indivisible union between the Teacher and the student.