shriShri Shankaracharya, grand Spiritual Master born in India. In his Monistic philosophy, he sets forth the only truth and he expresses it in an exact and clear way. Shri Shankaracharya shows us the deep dimension of man. He explains to us why man loses conscience of his own Divine nature, and he shows us the path for realizing our essence. Since its birth in India and all the Orient, the hope of a better world is reborn. This is a teaching which has been kept pure over all the years, transmitted from Teacher to disciple, without losing either its simplicity or its depth. His wise words are clothed in profundity. His life is the example of a man fulfilled in every way.

The technique of Mantra Yoga Meditation, which is taught by the Yoga Devanand Meditation Center, is the most effective way of entering into contact with your Being in a conscious manner. The purpose of life is to develop the Mystic energy latent in every Human Being. Shri Shankaracharya speaks to us of “freedom from worldly attachments”. The freedom from worldly attachments requires something more. Sickness is not cured just by saying “Medicine”, but rather by taking it; in the same way, man is not liberated just by repeating the name of the Eternal, but rather by the discernment of the Eternal. The veil of ignorance hides the truth, as smoke hides the flame or as clouds hide the sun.